"The world is your canvas, paint your dreams on it." - Swarnajeet Mukherjee

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A real-life story

A decision that transformed Alvin's life forever. It won't be the same again. He took a leap of faith and that is when everything changed for him. Listen to what he wants to share with you about his life.

Since that day, he has never looked back and propelled forward as he now believes that his current success is just the tip of the iceberg.

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How do Swarnajeet Mukherjee coach individuals?


Swarnajeet has helped people with ADHD, Schizophrenia, Trauma, Depression, people with Suicidal Tendencies, overweight and so much more.

He has helped thousands of people worldwide to get rid of their phobias and fears. He is an Advanced Hypnotherapist.

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

Swarnajeet is an NLP Master Practitioner. He is known as The Mind Master worldwide. Swarnajeet works with business leaders and professionals around the world. He uses powerful NLP techniques to help people reach their peak state for optimal performance in their life and career.

He has counseled from a 2-year-old to a 70-year-old and helped them achieve their desired state.

Mind Coaching

This is a growing field in the area of coaching which solely focuses on the conscious and the subconscious mind. It implements a set of methods and strategies to take your brain and body to its peak state.

Mind training has been mentioned in the ancient literature of India and its potential is limitless. That is why it becomes an indispensable part of personal coaching for maximum results.

It is very simple and easy to implement and extremely effective. It now  becoming very popular in the western countries and all over the world.

Swarnajeet Mukherjee's message

We are competing from day one. Competing to live, get attention, get love, get food, get emotional support, get money, get success, get fame, get care and millions of other things. But where are they leading us? Such situations are putting us under stress, jealousy, frustration, depression, and addictions. Everyone is running to reach their goal, faster so that they can achieve even bigger goals later. This is a vicious loop and there is no end to it.

In midst of all the noise, people tend to forget themselves and lose their mind in a rat race. People say success is subjective, no matter how subjective it is, there are certain fundamentals that will never change. You need to continuously train your mind and physic to make sure that you become stress proof which is a necessity in today's life.

Some of you have incidents or trauma from the past haunting you and not letting them grow or fully fledge your wings. Swarnajeet is empathetic to your situation and always there to help you. Life is amazing if you make it. Come let's make it beautiful.

"Live Consciously!" - Swarnajeet Mukherjee

How do Swarnajeet Mukherjee coach businesses?


Swarnajeet is an expert in the field of communication. He understands the underlying principle and gets his clients to their peak state in communicating with clarity, precision, fluency, and compassion.

Positive Psychology

Swarnajeet masters the art and science of mind and hold a thorough understanding of human psychology. He has helped people in various stressful situations to emerge victoriously. He has removed mental blocks, depression, trauma in minutes and hours respectively when it takes years and decades for those symptoms to get treated and get any results.

Marketing and Sales

He is the Marketing and Sales Strategist. His unique vision and ability to see through things way before it happens gives him the edge to help his clients win over current challenges. He has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and corporations to amplify their business outreach and sales.

He believes that "Marketing and Sales are not just jobs, they are a way of life."


Incredible Life

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