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When potential meets strategy you get explosive results.

David Ross is a highly reputed management consultant. He is the God of conflict resolution and much more. David cares for his clients and communities. His methods are phenomenal. Listen to David!

World-class Strategic Development

When you work with a preeminent strategist you get only the best. Swarnajeet stands for delivering highest standard services for entrepreneurs, corporate, and professionals.   


He has delivered measurable results in more than 100 industries across 24 countries – SEA, APAC, Europe, and North America.                    

Many people think that strategy is just planning but it is far beyond that. Swarnajeet takes responsibility for the formulation and implementation of his eminent strategies. He is involved in goal setting, determining preemptive actions to achieve the goals, and mobilizing resources for execution to achieve the desired results.

Swarnajeet is helping leaders and businesses in …


Real Estate









Information Technology

Life and Business Coaching


Travel and Tourism

Oil and Gas




2 million and counting

Swarnajeet is an embodiment of a strategic man. He is an NLP Master Practitioner and an Advanced Hypnotherapist. With his approach he has directly and indirectly impacted more than 2 million lives in 24 countries within a period of just 4 years.

His methods are changing lives and industries across continents. Working with Swarnajeet can be a very powerful experience and you will receive far more than your imaginations can take you.

Swarnajeet’s contribution towards his clients

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What are clients saying about Swarnajeet?

The results are measurable. I was focusing in the wrong area even though I was making good profit. I knew my business had more potential and Swarnajeet helped me compound my growth in ways I have never imagined.


Chief Executive Officer

I never knew that there were ethical and simple ways to geometrically grow my business. His strategy was just the fuel my business needed.


Chief Operations Officer

Never felt so empowered in my personal and professional life. He is a genius and a charismatic personality. My life and business is more sustainable than ever. Very grateful to Swarnajeet.


Life and Business Coach

Life changing experience! It was really good to find someone who wasn’t after my money rather focused absolutely on my success and sustainable growth. Couldn’t be happier with the results.



His brilliant intellect and strategies are unbelievably good and simple to implement. Initially I was resistant to change but Swarnajeet even helped me with that. From $100,000 a year to $1 million a year. This journey has been amazing.



His empathetic approach and dedication is unmatched. Extremely satisfied with the results and it’s sustainability. He thoroughly understands the complexity of a government owned company. The style of operation and layers of complexity is way more than a private or public company and Swarnajeet is executing smoothly and very efficiently. He is delivering more than our expectations.


General Manager

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