Choice Architecture

Swarnajeet is a Preeminent Choice Architect. He has helped thousands of top-level executives, business owners, working professionals, freelancers, stay-at-home moms and dads to completely transform their lives effectively and efficiently. His powerful methods and strategic approach has created a lasting change in the clients. Swarnajeet has helped his clients to go from depression to unshakeably happy, from broke to six figures within various time limits. He has helped his clients to make strategic choices in life which resulted in their prosperity. Through his understanding of behavioral psychology Swarnajeet design environments and choices to facilitate higher sale of products and services for entrepreneurs and corporations, worldwide. 



Understanding your business vision, products, and services


Analyzing and understanding your client’s behavior


Planning, designing, and creating environments and choices


Resulting in extraordinary sales and business growth







Strategic Consulting

Consulting that is life-transforming. Swarnajeet has transformed more than 2000 business leaders worldwide with an impact on 2 million people. Swarnajeet is a critical thinker and a strategic problem solver. With simple steps he has turnaround businesses and generated massive cash flow for his clients in 120 industries.


Branding is who you are and marketing is how you create awareness about it. Due to the ever evolving market, customer demands, and high competition the usual branding and marketing techniques cannot sustain your business anymore. That is why you must disrupt. Swarnajeet creates highly customized disruptive strategies and action plans for different products and services which not only makes your brand stand out but also builds brilliant rapport in between the brand and the client. You will get more loyal clients who would turn into raving fans. 
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Businesses suffer either of under utilization or over utilization of resources. Companies tend to over spend by misunderstanding the scenario. Most of the times, Swarnajeet has noticed that companies have enough resources which are overlooked, ignored, misunderstood, and under-utilized. His critical attention to details and out of the industry thinking helps him to develop optimization strategies and action plans which benefits the client. Swarnajeet’s unique and powerful peak performance expertise helps the human potential in the organization to reach its optimal state. This peak state improves the productivity.
Get a free 40 minute consultation with Swarnajeet.

What Did David Say About Swarnajeet?

David Ross helps and advises governments and powerful communities worldwide. He is the God of taming complex sustainability challenges and much more. David cares for his clients and communities. His charismatic personality and problem solving methods are phenomenal. Listen to David!

David Ross, VUCA Strategist,
Managing Director, Phoenix Strategic Management, Australia.

Leadership Development

Swarnajeet has delivered highest standard consulting services for Entrepreneurs, Corporate, and Professionals in this VUCA world. Swarnajeet has delivered measurable results in 120 industries across 24 countries – SEA, APAC, Europe, and North America. Turnaround yourself and your company through his strategic intervention. Swarnajeet has worked with CEOs and other top-level executives from SMEs to multinational corporation.


Want To Become Preeminent?

Get The Swarnajeet Mukherjee Advantage

2 Million Lives Impacted

120 Industries

More Than $80 Million Generated For Clients

24 Countries and Counting

Optimize Your Team With Strategic Thinking And Peak Performance

Swarnajeet is passionate about helping people and has touched more than 2 million lives in 24 countries within a period of just 5 years. His methods are changing lives and industries across continents. Working with Swarnajeet can be a very powerful experience.


Experience The Difference With Strategic Consulting

You can’t run a business with underperforming leaders and staff. It is extremely crucial to consistently train yourself and your employees. This will help you to get rid of the underlying issues that is affecting your staff’s performance and contribution to the company.

Swarnajeet is a management consultant. He is a brain truster to highly successful c-suite executives and influencers worldwide. They trust him because of his preeminent strategies, methods, tools, and his obsession to deliver enduring results. 
Swarnajeet is a powerful NLP Master Practitioner and a Hynotherapist. He has created transformations and healed people in minutes when others take years.

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Get Rid of Stress, Anxiety, Overweight

Stress and anxiety is becoming very common in everyday life and popping a pill is not a sustainable option.  Swarnajeet can make happiness and joy flow through you.  

Heal Post Traumamtic Stress Disorder

Trauma can create unwanted and unforseen problems in your life. Swarnajeet has healed people with PTSD within the shortest time without any further relapse. Get healed now.

Dissolve Your Anger, Rage, And Frustration

An emotional outbreak can create significant problems and ruin a happy life.
Swarnajeet can help you to resolve this issue effectively and efficiently. Don’t compromise on your life. 

Cure Your Confusion and Forgetfulness

This can be a result of multiple things.
Swarnajeet is adept is creating long-lasting and sustainable solution for you and creating an impeccable memory with clarity.

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A membership that gives you measurable results and not just promises. 

Key Benefits:

Unlimited networking with top-level entrepreneurs, business leaders, coaches, mentors, and many more.

We take you to a destination once a year to create breakthroughs in your life and business.

As a member you will receive timely coaching, mentoring, and consulting sessions.

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What Are Clients Raving About Swarnajeet

The results are measurable. I was focusing in the wrong area. I knew my business had more potential and Swarnajeet helped me compound my growth in ways I have never imagined.


Chief Executive Officer

I never knew that there were ethical and simple ways to geometrically grow my business. His strategy was just the fuel my business needed.


Chief Operations Officer

Never felt so empowered in my personal and professional life. He is a genius and a charismatic personality. My life and business is more sustainable than ever. Very grateful to Swarnajeet.


Life and Business Coach

Life changing experience! It was really good to find someone who wasn’t after my money rather focused absolutely on my success and sustainable growth. Couldn’t be happier with the results.



His brilliant intellect and strategies are unbelievably good and simple to implement. Initially I was resistant to change but Swarnajeet even helped me with that. From $100,000 a year to $1 million a year. This journey has been amazing.



His empathetic approach and dedication is unmatched. Extremely satisfied with the results and it’s sustainability. He thoroughly understands the complexity of a government owned company. The style of operation and layers of complexity is way more than a private or public company and Swarnajeet is executing smoothly and very efficiently. He is delivering more than our expectations.


General Manager

Swarnajeet’s Consulting Sessions

Swarnajeet’s sessions are a complete game changer for entrepreneurs and business organizations. It is experiential. Get in touch now!

Hire Swarnajeet To Speak

Swarnajeet has been Guest of Honor and has delivered hundreds of talks from group of entrepreneurs to c-suite executives of multinational coporations worldwide. He is invited frequently to fly and deliver his talks. Swarnajeet’s talks are eye-opening and game changing. He speaks everything based on science and data, not assumptions which makes his contribution on stage extremely valuable.

He masterfully engages the audience and loves to address the personal and business problems through live Q and A. Swarnajeet leaves the attendees mesmerized at the end. Everyone loves Swarnajeet for the things he say, the way he says it, and how majority can relate to it. His empathetic approach seperates him from the rest.

Hiring Swarnajeet for a Keynote or as a speaker can be a very powerful and rewarding experience for the audience and the organizer. Reach out to his team with your details and requirements.