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I use powerful scientific techniques to develop your mindset. I am dedicated towards removing your negative thinking, stress, depression, and trauma completely from your system in a sustainable way. I am renowned for delivering measurable results to my clients without the ifs or buts.


Every life on this planet is striving to achieve happiness. If you are not happy the way you should be, my coaching can transform your life.


Success is subjective and methods to achieve success varies from person to person. If you try to copy you will struggle. Let me help you.


No matter how motivated you are, if you are hustling without clarity, you will struggle unnecessarily. My coaching will give you clarity with action plan for you to win.


Get ready to embrace the abundance of happiness and joy through my coaching. Becasue you deserve it.


With my coaching, mentoring, and training, you will get the desired results without the ifs or buts. My coaching and mentoring comes with a guarantee. I have served and healed clients of worldrenowned coaches and healers. Nobody goes back empty-handed.

Peak Performance

My Peak Performance Coaching is one of my best selling programs which is highly demanded, worldwide.

Stress Management

My Stress Management Coaching is a transformational program for people of any age. This is highly customized.

Awaken The Alpha

This Coaching program helps you generate enormous Alpha power within. You become unstoppable.

Confidence Building

When you have confidence, you have everything. Life becomes easy with Swarnajeet’s Confidence Coaching.

PTSD and Abuse

I have healed people in minutes and hours so get healed and end your sufferings. No need for years of therapy. 

Relationship Management

Without good relationships, you can’t be completely happy. Learn to attract the right people in your life.

Removing Mental Blocks

My coaching sessions will help you to remove your mental blocks and unleash your true potential.

Health and Fitness

Health is wealth. With my coaching you can develop rock solid immunity and gain robust health. No meds.


My leadership program is a flagship program. Leaders are spearheading the organization and I have coached leaders from 120 different industries from young entrepreneurs to seasoned veterans to top-level executives. My leadership program is transforming leaders worldwide which will prepare you for geometric business growth in the VUCA world.

Peak Performance For Leaders

My leadership coaching focus on overall holistic development of leaders like you. The more veteran you are, the more this coaching would benefit you with measurable and sustainable results.

Stress Management For Leaders

My stress management coaching help leaders like you to avoid burnouts, frustration, and depression. It gives you more control through proven strategies and actions. This coaching provides guaranteed results.

Strategic Disruption For Leaders

Through this coaching program, I take the leaders through a series of customized methods. This provides an extra edge to the leaders to think out of the box and form disruptive strategies in the areas of business development, marketing, and sales.

Get Coaching, Get Closure, Get Transformed!